Stephanie Wilberding

Hi! This is ME!
Founder, SW Fitness

CFSC, ACE, HKC & Certified Health Coach

It all beganwith my own fitness journey as client first (Ninja) at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. From there I hung up my characther shoes for a few years. My focus switched from Broadway to Kettelbells as I joined the team at MFF as a training, spending five years there specializing in training clients in group classes, weight training and leading hundreds through their signature “Snatched in Six Weeks” fitness transformation program. I moved to LA in 2018 to open HK Fitness, launching the first “Snatched in Six Weeks” program available on the West Coast.

In 2019, I launched my own fitness business, SW Fitness, focusing on classes and `1:1 training. My mission is to serve all who have felt overlooked and underestimated by the fitness industry. I see you and know you’re strong as hell!